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How to choose dresses

First of all, the style of wedding dresses can be roughly divided into six types:

Sheath,Ball Gown,Mermaid,A-line,Empire,Short

Secondly, the bride's body size can be divided into four types:

From left: hourglass type, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle. Their characteristics are:
1) hourglass body: shoulders and hips are as wide as the waist, the waist curve is distinct - simply speaking, the shoulder is wide and has a waist and has a waist;
2) Triangular body: the buttocks are significantly wider than the shoulders - simply speaking, your shoulder is narrow / you are slipping your shoulders;
3) inverted triangle body: the shoulder is obviously wider than the hips - also simply speaking, your shoulder width and hips are not large;
4) Rectangular body: shoulders and hips are as wide as the but the waist has almost no curve - just as simple as your waist is thicker.

In order to avoid misunderstandings caused by a few people, I summed it up into a simple self-test question:

1. Is your shoulder wider or your hips wider?

a. shoulder (type C); b. hip (type B); c. as wide (go to question 2)

2. Is your waist curve obvious? Do you have a waist?

a. Obvious / yes (type A); b. not obvious / not (type D)

A. Hourglass type
B. Triangle
C. inverted triangle
D. Rectangle

Third, reveal the wedding dress that suits each size:

A. hourglass type [1]

The larger map (Ball Gowns) is the most suitable for the hourglass type, and the two smaller ones on the two sides are the second best.

All in all, there are three wedding styles for each type of body that might suit you: one that works best and two that fits.

B. Triangle [1]

C. inverted triangle [1]

D. Rectangle [1]

If you still feel confused, I will make a comparison table again:

Then go back to the beginning, compare the six wedding style maps, I believe you will see at a glance.

Supplementary FAQ:

Q: What should I do with my arms?

A: Choose a three-quarter sleeve or even a long-sleeved wedding dress to avoid short-sleeved shoulders. The style mentioned above mainly refers to the skirt and skirt of the wedding dress, and there is no direct relationship with the sleeve length.

Finally, I wish you all the best wedding dress.