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Wedding Hair

First, according to the face

  • 1, square face
  • The main point of dressing is: to cut the square, to soften the bangs, to divide and leave the curved bangs, or to use the arc-shaped ornaments, the rounded lines will neutralize the face of the square. Don't expose the entire forehead, it will look even more square.
  • 2, round face
  • The main point of dressing is: increase the height of the top, make the face slightly elongated, give people a natural beauty, and wear a crown or a top plate is a good choice. Don't avoid the lateral bulge of the hair on both sides of the ear, it will look more round.
  • 3, long face
  • The main point of dressing is to alleviate the seriousness of the face due to the length of the face. You can make your hair curled or waved, or choose a hair style that is elegant and fluffy. Don't avoid the shawl hair of the water noodles, it will look longer.
  • 4, triangular face
  • The main point of dressing is: according to the ratio of hair style to face shape, the hair above the ear is fluffy, and the hair spray or styling agent can be used to shape, so that the width of the forehead can be increased, so that the width of the two plaits is correspondingly weakened.
  • 5, goose egg face
  • As a standard face, I really want to have a hair style. Yes, it is so capricious.

Second, according to the body

  • 1, high and thin
  • The overall giving a high-profile and exquisite feeling, how the hair style is not too much. The volume is hot, the decoration has a certain coordination effect on the slim body, and the creation is more lively and beautiful.
  • 2, short fat type
  • The overall giving people a sense of dying, the overall hair style should be stretched upwards, borrowing fluffy hair or crown to increase the certain visual height. Do not leave hair with straight hair and long straight hair.
  • 3, medium build
  • The whole person gives the feeling that it is not fat, not thin, not tall or short, and the hairstyle is chosen to be like it.

Fourth, refer to the current trend hairstyle

If you don't have so much time for detailed positioning, then refer to the popular hairstyles, which ones you like, and follow the feelings.

  • 1, fairy fluttering
  • In recent years, the popular low-level hair-distribution seems to be loose and easy, and it is more lazy and temperamental. This style also includes Editing Hair.
  • 2, elegant retro
  • Retro style, especially by hand, ripples bangs. The bangs that are rolled out by traditional iron hair curls have flowing soft lines, plus gloss and three-dimensionality. The makeup is thicker and the beauty is beautiful.
  • 3, sexy charm
  • No hair style, it can highlight the charm of a woman than the curve curl (this does not include the kind of honey juice confident foam noodles downstairs), charming long hair, small air volume, will be romantic and sexy Play to the extreme.
  • 4, elegant and noble
  • The rolled hair reveals the feminine elegance of the texture. There is no sparkling decoration, no complicated hair styling, pure simplicity, and it can also renew the bride's bright and beautiful.
  • 5, lively and lovely
  • Generally suitable for short-haired brides, dyeing can make up for lack of shape and avoid childishness. The lovely Qi Liuhai, or the agile natural girl with long curly hair, maximizes the cute sweet style. Do not believe? The air is sweet and powdery.
  • 6, pretty handsome
  • This type requires a high level of temperament for the bride. In addition to short hair, there is a need for a boyish style.