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Wedding Nails

What should the bride's nail style choose? For everyone to bring the long-awaited nail column, but also with a hand guard Raiders! So how do you choose the right nail style? Please read this article to give you a slow science!

Selection guide

1、Color wild

For the choice of color, it is recommended to choose the wild color of the wild color, such as: white, nude, pink and so on. Because the bride does not only need to wear a wedding dress, but also need to change the dress or show Wo clothes, so the color of the nails should be as natural as possible, and the festive atmosphere can also be decorated with various costumes.

2. Simple style

Why choose a simple style? The first is of course because the simpler is about to easily match all kinds of dresses, and the second is because of the convenience of the bride's own activities. Imagine if you have a finger full of rhinestones, there is a limit to your gestures. Although on the day of the wedding, the bride is beautiful, and the rest does not have to work. But the day when I was very tired, I still have to worry about whether or not the drill on my finger has fallen off. It is really worth the loss. Choose a simple style, beautiful and rest assured.

3. Reject too long patches

Nail is only the finishing touch for the overall shape. Choose a short patch that is both beautiful and convenient. There are still a lot of things that the bride has to do personally on that day. The long patches will only become the burden of their own actions. If they say bad, they will accidentally hurt themselves and others.

Style recommendation

1、French style

The entry-level classic nail style is simple but versatile. And now the French can also add a lot of small elements to embellish, so it is a safety card that will not go wrong in the bride's nail.

2、Solid color

Plain manicure, seemingly simple but full of mind. For example, the principle of full nude color nail style can extend the length of the finger from the visual effect. You can also choose the mix and match of the same color, and simply embellish a rhinestone is also very beautiful!

3. Transparent bottom